Why Choose Martial Arts?

  • Become more fit

  • Learn self-defense

  • Improve discipline, control,and self-esteem

  • Enjoy research-based and motivating classes

  • Compete in tournaments

  • Develop leadership

  • Train as a family (if you like!)

Physical Training

Anyone, any body type, can begin martial arts and steadily progress toward their training goals. All students get a full-body workout and build core strength as they learn to punch, block, kick, and spar. More advanced students learn pressure points, joint locks, and take-downs. Our self-defense program is robust and starts on day one. We have classes for children as young as three. Older adults, even those with physical limitations, can train safely and effectively. Martial arts is truly a lifetime activity.

Mental Discipline & Character Development

Oftentimes, it is not the person with the most talent, but the person who puts in the long hours of work who excels in the long term. It takes courage to break a board; it takes humility to accept instruction; and it takes perseverance to make the four-year journey to black belt. Lion's Pride provides an encouraging and supportive environment for students to become better martial artists and better selves. 

Growing Strength & Character

If you want your children to become confident, respectful, persistent, and  responsible, all while getting faster and stronger, it’s time to check us out.

Video: Why Parents Love Lion's Pride Martial Arts

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