Grappling Classes

Are you looking for more ground techniques? Interested in Jiu Jitsu or wrestling? Our grappling class is perfect for you.

Tang Soo Do vs. Grappling

While traditional Tang Soo Do classes focus on fighting from a standing position, grappling has students on the ground. Instead of sparring with kicks and punches, our grappling class focuses on skills such as take-downs and submissions. Each style is a complete program with its own uniform and belt ranking system, so you can choose either one (or both)!

Self-Defense & Confidence

Knowing how to tackle a difficult task builds confidence that carries through all areas of life. While students learn the techniques to take down an opponent, they are building the endurance to learn other skills as well. As they train their brains to remember different submissions, they are preparing their minds to memorize math facts. And when they know they have the skills to handle themselves in a fight, they have the self-confidence to handle themselves in life.