Martial Arts SKILLZ!

Got SKILLZ? We do! The SKILLZ martial arts curriculum helps younger students thrive with age-specific training that is both challenging and incredibly fun!

Lion Cubs- Early SKILLZ

Ages 3-5

For our youngest ninjas, we focus on physical skills that all kids need to develop. In addition to kicking, punching, and blocking, students build coordination, balance, and core strength. Through martial arts drills and games, your child will also develop listening skills, respect for others, and self-control.

Lion Kids- Basic SKILLZ

Ages 5-7

Basic SKILLZ focuses on essential martial arts techniques and coaches students to become their best selves. While learning to strike, kick, and block, students grow their memory, discipline, leadership, fitness, and control. With high-energy and exciting drills, these ninjas learn to handle bullies and other challenges.

Mountain Lions Core SKILLZ

Ages 7-9

CORE SKILLZ teaches fundamental skills that are typically developed during second, third, and fourth grades. While learning forms, practicing sparring combos, and refining their technique, our Mountain Lion students improve their agility, concentration, and perseverance.

Extreme SKILLZ

Ages 10-14

Ten to fourteen-year olds can excel in most physical challenges, but they are so focused on what is socially acceptable that they struggle to stay emotionally driven. The Extreme SKILLZ program uses the martial arts to train students in building precision, versatility, momentum, and trusting their instincts, which encourages healthy social and emotional development. 

Learning Respect

From the very first class, respect is an integral part of what we do. While students enjoy kicking and punching, they are also learning to listen, obey, and treat others respectfully.

Video: Learning Respect through Martial Arts