Promotion Ceremonies

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We know that when kids have fun, they want to try harder and come back for more (and honestly, adults like having fun too).  That is why our classes are filled with high fives, challenges, group battles, and games.  We celebrate accomplishments, break through boards, learn flying kicks, and finish up with a round of dodgeball.  Best of all, students make lasting friendships that follow them off the mat.


In an age of Netflix and video games, we can all use more focus on fitness.  Our classes have students run, jump, stretch, and work their muscles.  Just imagine having the balance to do 50 kicks without putting your foot down, the strength to do 30 triangle pushups, and the flexibility to perform head-high kicks.  And let’s be honest, would you rather your kids work up thumb callouses in a game of Fortnite or work up a sweat in a grappling match?


You never know when you might encounter a playground bully, a would-be abductor, or an intimidating math test, but we want you to be ready.  From the beginning of training you will learn to defend yourself against the most common attacks, practice escape techniques, and ultimately gain the tools to take down an attacker.  As you break through boards, you will build the confidence to stand up for yourself and meet any challenges head on.


With parents away at work and children spending their days in school, it’s time you had an activity that you can enjoy as a family.  Rather than watching your kids from the sidelines, Lion’s Pride gives families a chance to participate in something together.  Rather than watching another Little League game, you will be kicking your way up and down the mat next to your child.  On top of that, you will feel at home with the Lion’s Pride family.

Finally, Something for Everyone...

Whether you are looking for a new activity for your 3-year-old to enjoy, a way for your older child to improve discipline, or a great workout to get back in shape, you will find what you are seeking at Lion’s Pride Martial Arts.

Video: Why Parents Love Lion's Pride Martial Arts