Traditional Classes

Martial arts is one of the few sports that people can participate in throughout their lives. Our Tang Soo Do all-ages classes accommodate beginner to advanced students, aged 10 to adult.  


In our beginner classes, students learn the martial arts foundations. You'll learn kicks, punches, blocks, and self-defense techniques. Each  class highlights a character value and how it applies to training and other areas of life. We select drills and activities that are suited to different developmental levels. Through our teaching methods, students begin to internalize courage, perseverance, humility, honesty, and self-control.

Intermediate/ Advanced

The intermediate and advanced class at Lion’s Pride takes your training to a new level. We build on the basics by learning more advanced techniques such as spin and jump kicks, joint locks, and take downs. Sparring is part of the regular curriculum. The expectations for intermediate students are greater in terms of practice, discipline, and leadership.


Summit is for our most advanced students. Black belts and those testing for black belt in the coming year focus on challenging forms, breaks, and take downs. We also delve into the history of Tang Soo Do and the philosophical roots of the martial arts in general.

Graceful Lions Tai-chi Inspired Practice

Adults students are welcome to join  our Tai-chi inspired class. Students will learn of the grace and power that comes from accessing your body's internal energy. Slow and simple movements will help to improve balance, core strength, and control. 

Ready to experience the thrill of breaking through a board with your bear hand?  Feel safer with the knowledge that you can protect yourself?  Stand with greater confidence during your next presentation?  It’s time to start your journey.

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