Why Choose Lion's Pride?

Any martial arts school will claim to teach self-defense, discipline, and physical fitness. But martial arts classes are not a magic bullet. Effective martial arts training is about building good habits for life. At Lion's Pride, our classes are thoughtfully designed to engage students in effective and fun training.  


When students have fun, they want to come back again and again. Repeated practice builds good habits. That is why Lion's Pride classes are designed to teach essential skills in a fun environment. Classes are filled with high fives, challenges, group battles, and encouragement. We celebrate accomplishments, break through boards, learn flying kicks, and play games that reinforce martial arts techniques. Lion's Pride strives to make it fun to practice the habits that will improve your fitness outlook. 


Martial arts classes are a holistic way to train your body in strength, flexibility, and balance. Each class strengthens the core and major muscles groups. We stretch in every class to train safely and kick higher. Our experienced instructional team can set alternate fitness goals for those with physical differences or health challenges.


There is no confidence like self-defense confidence. From the beginning of your training, you will learn to defend yourself against the most common attacks, practice escape techniques, and ultimately gain the tools to take down an attacker. Your confidence will grow as you learn to defend yourself from playground bullies or would-be attackers. Your increased confidence will impact all aspects of your life. 


Lion's Pride is a family-owned business committed to supporting families. Our lessons in respect, self-confidence, and teamwork stay with our students at school and at home. We welcome parents who want to train alongside their children.  Families that train together strengthen their bodies and their family bonds. We offer classes on different days and times and in two locations to suit your family schedule. 

Fun, Fit, Fearless, Family!

Listen to real parents talk about their experiences at Lion's Pride. You will see why martial arts could be the next activity for you and your family.

Video: Why Parents Love Lion's Pride Martial Arts